International Conference

First Announcement

The Faculty of Forestry UGM has developed a rehabilitation technique named close-to-nature silviculture, which is now being acknowledged nationally as a successful tropical forest rehabilitation program. The technique facilitates and accommodates both research and educational development activities not only for national staff and students, but also international ones.

The degraded forest lands are of concern of rehabilitation programs, as they are usually the centre areas of poverty, natural disaster (flood-drought) and climate change (hot spot of carbon emission). In addition to the main objective to increase productivity and quantity of tropical forests, the need to rehabilitate the degraded forest areas also provide the opportunity to increase staff and student capability in both research and education activities, as well as the chance to create collaboration with national and international partners. An improved research-based education is necessary to the successful community-oriented forest rehabilitation approach, therefore research-based education systems, in addition to developing on-farm demonstration plots should be developed.

Tropical forest rehabilitation has been the main strength of the faculty and many success stories have been available, however, fundamental understanding is prerequisite to provide a more generic principle and technology to support successful rehabilitation in different forest types. Likewise, a more contextual approach for the rehabilitation should also adopt the strategy to strengthen the sustainable livelihood and more efficient timber processing at the local community level in order to reduce deforestation and degradation. An international conference on New Paradigm of Tropical Forest Rehabilitation is proposed to strengthen an integrated approach in forest rehabilitation therefore provide ecological landscape safety-net which are economically-viable and therefore could be self-sustaining in reducing pressure to forests.

It is important to organize an international conference on New Perspective of Tropical Forest Rehabilitation. The conference will invites some international speakers in the field of tropical silviculture, tree physiology and ecology from Australia, Germany, Japan, Norway, Korea and other international partners. Participants are academicians, researchers, practitioners and students. Through the conference, the participants will strengthen an integrated approach and establish new paradigm in managing tropical forest rehabilitation for reducing deforestation and forest degradation.